Product Selection Support

After a knowledgeable North Coast Team member helps you find the perfect component for your application, we walk with you through the supply chain process to help make sure you will have the proper amount of that item at the correct time.  North Coast will work with you to discover the ideal ordering method to optimize your supply chain.

Picture showing an employee helping customer find a product solution.
A picture of two people working together in a stocking room to help provide products for customers, this showcases North Coast Components Inc. personal approach in regards to their different stocking programs.

We work with our customers through:

  • Blanket orders
  • Volume buys
  • Customized min max stocking agreements
  • Onsite inventory restocked by North Coast Employees
  • Consigned inventory programs

You will realize significant benefits by using these programs including:

  • Reduced lead times on hard to find parts
  • Lower inventory dollars
  • Ability to achieve volume price breaks without the large dollar outlay
  • Eliminate lower volume items from your daily work flow
  • Confidence you have things covered in one transaction
  • Reduced manufacturing downtime due to part shortage
North Coast Components Inc. employee helping customer.
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