At North Coast Components Inc. we provide products for a wide range of industries by striving to work alongside you every step of the way to provide the best solutions for your company. We go beyond mere distribution by offering comprehensive support in logistics, ensuring on-time delivery, and expertly navigating the intricacies of supply chain management.

Contract Manufacturing:

Contract Manufacturing is becoming more common throughout the industry. At North Coast we provide contract manufacturing for your company, resulting in cost savings, providing high quality products, and streamlining production. 

Emergency Vehicles & Heavy Trucks:

At North Coast we provide an assortment of products for emergency vehicles and heavy trucks. We use our expansive knowledge and wide selection of products to help you find the best quality and most cost effective products.

HVAC & Appliances:

HVAC & appliances is a ever growing industry. At North Coast we strive to provide products, assemblies and services using our nearly 40 years of knowledge to help you determine what works best for your needs.

Industrial Automation:

Industrial Automation is a vast industry that is constantly growing and evolving. At North Coast we strive to offer the best solutions for your company and stay up to date with the industry.


The medical industry is a fast changing industry. At North Coast we keep up with the ever evolving industry. In business since 1985 we use our history of expertise to ensure the highest quality and best value for you.


The recreational industry is timeless. We at North Coast have a multitude of products and assemblies designed for recreational items.

Solar (energy):

Solar energy is becoming more prominent around the country including near us in Michigan. At North Coast we are always pushing to stay up to date and provide you with the best all around options
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